Our wine of the month

Ken Forrester Wines

Stellenbosch, SA

Ken Forrester represents the true pioneering spirit of the post-apartheid South African wine industry. Drawing on the examples of top Loire whites, he has used his uniquely placed Chenin vines to maximum effect and has single-handedly led a Chenin Blanc quality revolution.

For December, I have chosen to showcase both a red and a white from the chosen vineyard, both of which we have available in store and perfect for this time of year.

‘The Renegade’

An elegant Rhone blend that displays Old World Style with New World fruit. Hint of Grenache with earthy rusticity and Shiraz noble spice with hints of nutmeg and salty black olive on the finish. Balanced with soft integrated tannins an awesome wine to go with a slow roast shoulder of lamb!

‘Old Vines Reserve Chenin Blanc’

This wine is a great example of the harmonious balance which can be achieved between fruit and delicate oak/vanilla flavours, complex, soft flavours with sufficient body to enhance even spicy and full flavoured meals. Flavours bursts with dried apricots and pineapple, with a hint of vanilla and some typical Chenin honey notes. This wine goes extremely well with lightly spiced fish dishes.

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