Our coffee... Monmouth

Monmouth Coffee...we have served it and sold it for the 18 months we've been open on the Pantiles. It seems that it is a local favourite and we love it!

Roasting now in Bermondsey...Monmouth Coffee have been on the go since 1978. Coffee is a seasonal product with just one or sometimes two crops a year in some countries. When Monmouth

Flat white...a firm favourite

find a bean that they love, they want to know where it comes from, who picks it and who processes it. We are sure that you can sometimes taste this knowledge in what you drink! All of their coffee is sourced from single farms, estates and cooperatives...the farms vary in size - some they buy from have just one or two acres. Monmouth are always keen to establish a good relationship with growers and exporters to maximise on equal, sustainable and fair trade - something we believe to be very important at Hattons.

Monmouth are in the process of moving down the road in Bermondsey and will be roasting using two new roasters from Loring, California. The Loring roaster combines air roasting technology with an energy efficient design.

We continue to sell many varieties of Monmouth in retail bags from £7 a bag.

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